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13 JUN 2012

New EEI-c template available for download:

- EEI-c template - Download here

7 MAR 2012

New available literature downloads released:

- Implementation of Water Framework Directive (WFD) for coastal waters by using the Ecological Evaluation Index-EEI: the case of Kavalas and Maliakos Gulfs, Greece - Download here

- Eutrophication assessment of Delta Nestos Lagoons by using biological and chemical indicators in agreement to Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/60) - Download here

- Variation of structural and functional metrics in macrophyte communities within two habitats of eastern Mediterranean coastal lagoons: natural versus human effects - Download here

- Community shifts, alternative stable states, biogeochemical controls and feedbacks in eutrophic coastal lagoons: a brief overview - Download here

5 MAR 2012

List of contributors to EEI development has been added:

Dr. Panayotis Panayotidis, Prof. Karl Ugland, Dr. Inka Bartsch, Dr. Martina Orlando Bonaca and Dr. Nikolaos Stamatis. Please click here for further information.

21 FEB 2012

Book of abstracts - WISER Conference - 2 new references available for download:

- Benthic macrophyte changes across an anthropogenic pressures gradient in Mediterranean and Black Sea water systems: structural vs. functional approaches - Download here

- Exploring the robustness and reliability of several macrophyte-based classification methods to assess the ecological status of coastal and transitional ecosystems - Download here

19 FEB 2012

EEI site has launched its final version.